Athletic Vision

Why Athletic Vision

Our concept of work applied to all of our current
distributors, goes far beyond a seasonal sale. We
off er our distributors what we call the Athletic
benefi t package. This benefi t package is primarily
intended to assist the entire process of sell-in and
sell-out and consequently to assist on the fi nal
customer’s purchase decision:

• Predefi ned Lay Out – Private Label
or Third Part Specialized marketing
team dedicated to assist all process
of face-lifting using a private label,
or using our ready-made models
of our already consolidated brand
(Athletic Vision).

• Often training program in loco
with our expert
• Constant marketing
• Low MOQ and high mixing in
the same container
• 24-hour support staff for any
operational information
• Warranty taken seriously
with spare parts available for
sale / warranty up to 5 years
after discontinuation of a model
• Free spare parts chosen by
customer on every purchase
• Free HD material available